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7 Days/ 6 Nights Italy special,

2 Nights accommodation in Venice at the Bridge

2 Nights accommodation in Florence at the Arcadia Florence


2 Nights accommodation in Rome at the Adagio Rome Vatican


Package Details

2 Night Venice | 2 Night Florence | 2 Night Rome

Day 1: Venice Marco Polo Airport - Venice Mestre (Venice)

Welcome to Venice. Upon arrival at the Airport you will be met by our local representative who will transfer you to city hotel, Half Day free time in Venice     


Day 2: Full Day free time in Venice       


Day 3:  Hotel - Venezia Santa Lucia railway station (Venice)

Check out from the hotel and proceed to Venice central railway station for your onward journey,
Florence Central Station - Hotel (Florence)

Welcome to florence. Upon arrival at the Train Station you will be met by our local representative who will transfer you to city hotel.   

Full Day free time in Florence                                                                                                            


Day 4: Full Day Hop On Hop Off Tour (Florence)

See the magnificent Italian city of Florence from the top of a red open top double-decker bus. With numerous stops conveniently located along the route, you can hop on and off at your leisure. With frequent tours on Line A and 3 tours a day on Line B, all with the same ticket which is valid for 48 hours, this hop on hop off tour really is the best way to see the city.

The city lies on the River Arno and is known for its history and its significance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance especially for its art and architecture. Florence's museums, churches, and palaces house some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world.

During the evening there is still plenty to do as nightlife in Florence is energised by the city's foreign students who come to study Italian and art history. The main region for relaxing in the evening is concentrated around Piazza della Signoria which has a relatively tranquil atmosphere when compared to the more lively nightlife district in Oltramo. The city boasts flexible licensing hours with some pubs open until 01:00 or as late as 03:00.

For those seeking cultural entertainment, there are a number of jazz cafes and often one-off recitations are performed in churches and piazzas around the city.

Line A

Loop duration: 60 minutes

Frequency: 20 to 60 minute intervals from 09:00 to 16:30 (November to March) or 18:00 (from April to June)

Stop 1 - Piazza Stazione FS SMN

Stop 2 - Piazza della Libertà

Stop 3 - Piazzale Donatello

Stop 4 - Piazza D'Azeglio

Stop 5 - Piazza Beccaria

Stop 6 - Santa Croce

Stop 7 - Teatro Verdi

Stop 8 - Lungarno Pecori Giraldi

Stop 9 - Piazza Ferrucci

Stop 10 - Piazzale Michelangelo

Stop 11 - Piazzale Galileo

Stop 12 - Villa Cora

Stop 13 - Calza

Stop 14 - Pitti

Stop 15 - Frescobaldi

Stop 16 - Guicciardini

Stop 17 - Ognissanti

Stop 18 - Barbetti

Line B

Loop duration: 120 minutes

Frequency: 60 minute intervals from 10:05 to 14:15 (from November to March) or 17:05 (from March to April / from September to November) or 18:05 (from April to June) or 19:05 (from July to September)

Stop 1 - Piazza Stazione FS SMN

Stop 2 - Curtatone

Stop 3 - Soderini

Stop 4 - Tasso

Stop 5 - Porta Romana

Stop 6 - Machiavelli

Stop 7 - Galileo

Stop 8 - Michaelangelo

Stop 9 - Ferrucci

Stop 10 - Demidoff

Stop 11 - Cavalleggeri

Stop 12 - Lungo L'Affrico

Stop 13 - Via Righi Ostello

Stop 14 - Fiesole San Domenico

Stop 15 - Regresso

Stop 16a - Piazza Mino de Fiesole Arrivo

Stop 16b - Piazza Mino de Fiesole Partenza

Stop 17 - Regresso

Stop 18 - San Domenico

Stop 19 - Via Righi Ostello

Stop 20 - Stadio

Stop 21 - Matteotti

Stop 22 - Liberta

Stop 23 - Indipendenza

Stop 24 - Montelungo

Line C*Available from April to October only

Loop Duration: 120 minutes

Frequency: may vary depending on season from 09:20 to 17:30

Stop 1 - Piazza Monte Lungo

Stop 2 - Piazza Stazione

Stop 3 - Piazzale Liberta

Stop 4 - Piazza Donatello

Stop 5 - Piazza D'Azeglio

Stop 6 - Beccaria

Stop 7 - Lungo L'Affrico

Stop 8 - Via Righi Ostello

Stop 9 - Fiesole San Domenico

Stop 10 - Regresso

Stop 11 - Piazza Mino de Fiesole Arrivo

Stop 12 - Piazza Mino de Fiesole Partenza

Stop 13 - Regresso

Stop 14 - San Domenico

Stop 15 - Via Righi Ostello

Stop 16 - Paoli

Stop 17 - Piazzale Donatello

Stop 18 - Piazza Beccaria

Stop 19 - Corso Tontori

Stop 20 - Lungarno Serristori

Stop 21 - Piazza Ferrucci

Stop 22 - Piazzale Michelangelo

Stop 23 - Piazzale Galileo

Stop 24 - Viale Machiavelli

Stop 25 - Porta Romana

Stop 26 - Piazza Tasso

Stop 27 - Vittorio Veneto

Stop 28 - Piazza Stazione

Stop 29 - Piazza Montelungo


-1-day or 48-hour or 3-day hop on hop off ticket *depending on option selected

-Travel on local services operated by ATAF and Li-nea


-Meals and drinks

-Tips and gratuities

-Personal expenses

-Optional activity costs

Please Note

-Schedules are subject to change.

-It is necessary to print the confirmation voucher for this tour. The  bus driver will not accept vouchers shown from a mobile device.

-Children below 6 years old are free of charge.

-Travel on local services operated by ATAF and Li-nea is  redeemable after voucher has been exchanged on the bus.

-The tour has wheelchair accessible buses.

-Schedules are subject to change.

-You may choose to hop on the bus at any stop along the route and  exchange your voucher there.

-Seats on board are not guaranteed. During busy days, big groups    may be asked to wait for the next available bus to get to the next  stop OR to break into smaller groups.

Ticket Validity

All ticket validities are for consecutive hours/days from first use.

A 1-day ticket is valid only for the day of redemption.

A 24-hour ticket is valid from the time redeemed until the same time the following day.

The same principle applies for a 2-day/48-hour (or more) ticket.


Departs From: Florence, Italy

Meeting Point: Piazza Stazione FS SMN

Duration: 3 days

Availability: daily at regular intervals


Day 5: Hotel - Florence Central Station (Florence)

Check out from the hotel and proceed to florence train station for your onward journey,

Rome Central Station - Hotel (Rome)

Welcome to rome. Upon arrival at the train station you will be met by our local representative who will transfer you to city hotel.
Half Day free time in Rome


Day 6: Hop on Hop off 24 hours with public transportation (Rome)

The Tour

Suspended between history and legend, myth and beauty, from Baroque to modern times, every age saw the Eternal City shining in its magic splendour. City Sightseeing Rome will allow you to travel through history and visit the places where the ancient Romans lived their social and political life as well as to admire the great Papal Rome, with its fine buildings and beautiful churches, by just sitting comfortable on board our buses. You will be able to visit the many churches, monuments, palaces, squares and streets of Imperial and Christian Rome, of Baroque and Modern Rome. You can admire the great monuments of ancient Rome like the Imperial Forums, the Coliseum and the Circus Maximum. You will see the most beautiful Christian places like St. Peter's Basilica and Santa Maria Maggiore. One must also visit the squares and streets where the history of Rome was written such as Piazza Venezia, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Barberini. Then you can enjoy a walk among the coffee shops of the Dolce Vita in Via Veneto and later drive along the river Tevere and admire Trastevere, one of the old quarters of the City, with its typical restaurants and bars, where you can taste typical Roman dishes.


Hop On hop Off Ticket 24 hours, multi languages commentary, city map, free mobile app including sites commentaries, public transportation for 24 hours.


Day 7: Hotel - Rome International Airport (Rome)

Check out from the hotel and proceed to Rome Airport for your onward journey